Julianne Rainone

Graphic Design  /  Art Direction  /  Photography

I'm driven by color and
inspired by imagery. 


I'm all about the details.

Every last one.

I consider myself an intentional artist and strive to incorporate the smaller things to make the big thing better. More importantly, I'm keen on problem solving and making sure the pieces fit in harmony. 

I started with a camera at 16; first falling in love with the manipulation of photos and then developed an appreciation for the photos themselves. (I know, I did that in the wrong order.) Later came my a-ha! moment that graphic design, not photography, was actually my calling. Since then I've been design-driven and have no plans on slowing down.

I'm currently Art Director of several publications at a small publishing house in Roanoke, Virginia where my day-to-day includes layout and advertisement design, editorial photography, and lots (and lots) of coffee. 


I specialize in...

Print and editorial design, but welcome any kind of design project.


My software knowledge is...

Mainly across Adobe Creative Suite and consider myself expert-level in Adobe InDesign.


My greatest professional accomplishment is...

Re-designing the longest-running city magazine in Virginia (2017)


My greatest personal accomplishment is... 

Getting my B.A. (2014) and marrying my best friend (2019!)


My favorite color... 

Changes every day, but usually it's purple.


Interested in working together? I'd love to hear from you.